One minute charging, 800 km ride

EMotion is an electric car from the Danish manufacturer Fisker, which will incorporate solid-state batteries that are remarkably fast and have a capacity that allows autonomy of up to 800 km.

The new Solid-State battery

Is there a revolution in the power supply of electric vehicles? Henrik Fisker exactly announces it.

From 2023, the sports E-Series will be equipped with Solid-State batteries, which, for example, will provide autonomy of 800 kilometers per charge, which, by the way, does not last more than one minute.

The Danes have already protected the patent and test vehicles already acquire the first practical experiences.

It is a technology of “solid batteries” in the development of which Dyson dustmaker manufacturer also participates, which also shows the ambitions for entry into the production of electric vehicles.

The particularity of the “Solid-State-Battery” technology is that in terms of current lithium-ion batteries they have 2.5 times the energy density. More importantly, with the application of this technology, and especially with the development of materials and their optimization, another big problem will be solved.

Fisker EMotion shown on CES 2018

We certainly think of the price that will be two thirds lower than the lithium-ion batteries that will be produced in 2020.

To make sure once again in the truth that one good never comes alone, Fisker argues that the reliability and life expectancy of new batteries will be significantly longer than those produced today.

The prospect that stays on Solid State batteries is illustrated by the fact that the largest battery makers, such as Samsung and LG, as well as Hyundai and Toyota, are working hard to develop batteries based on this technology.

However, it appears that the series debut will have the Danes in the sports, Fisker Emotion.

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