The new aerodynamic truck Shell was faster and more economical than simple trucks in 2,5 times

In the United States completed its trial pilot truck Starship. The truck was created on special order, and the customer was the oil giant Shell. The truck with cargo on board crossed the whole country – from Florida to California. At the same time, the fuel consumed the car 2.5 times less than conventional trucks.

The truck was developed by specialists of the company AirFlow Truck Company. The main feature of the novelty is a verified aerodynamic design. Carbon fiber cabin and “plumage” on the nose of the car resembles a high-speed train. The grille is covered by dampers, which open when the temperature of the engine rises. Under the cab of the truck there are aerodynamic channels that divert air from the bottom.

The semitrailer also has a special design. The fairings hide its lower part and smooth out the flow of air that leaves the walls and from the roof of the semitrailer. On the roof of the semitrailer is a solar battery that feeds the truck’s electrical system. Another interesting detail is that on the truck’s rear axles are wide single wheels, which allows to reduce the swaying on the road. The weight of the truck is 33 tons, which is about 30% more than the average truck of this class.


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