DS X E-Tense – Technological Wonder of Citroen intended for 2035

The future brings us really interesting technological wonders. Namely, DS – Citroen’s posh sister brand – ejected its technological pet, making it the best possible way to present and project its brand for 16 years in the future. In fact, this technological crystal wonder was presented as a sketch in April 2018 before debuting at the Paris Motor Show in October of the same year. The model is called the X E-Tense, and as expected, the vehicle is electrically powered and will be operated completely autonomously. However it is very early to specify its production and final design if it is considered that the vehicle is intended even for 2035, something that is really great, but still a small period of time. For us, car fans expect new news for this incredible model. Still, Citroen brings us a wonderful future.

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