Fuore-Jaguar XF-10 Concept – Rare diamond from the automotive world

Fuore-Jaguar XF-10 Concept, is a car concept coupe and presented by Fuore Design at the Barcelona Motor Show in 2003. The car was designed by Erwin Leo Himmel an automotive designer from Austria, who enjoyed working for Audi in the 80’s in the design work of many car’s.Based in Barcelona, Spain in 1999 Himmel formed Fuore Design and worked with a number of automakers inc Audi, VW, Seat, Subaru, Mitsubishi on many production cars designs between 2000-07.

The Jaguar XF-10 shares only the Jaguar name and was created completely independently as a two-seat sports coupe drawing inspirations and sharing influences from many areas. Powered by a non-specific mid-rear mounted 40-valve DOHC 7litre V10 (640hp) with 6-speed sequential transmission.There is no indication as to Jaguar’s reaction or even if its was presented to Jaguar but certainly its creation remains a one-off.In 2004 a more ‘refined’ XF-10 concept was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, the Fuore BlackJag, built in Turin by Modarte.

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