Porsche is looking for another 500 workers for the electric Taycan

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Porsche is opening 1,500 new jobs for the first electric-powered sports car from Schufenhausen. Already about a thousand workers are hired, and the remaining 500 jobs will be filled in the next few months. There is a great need for qualified electricians.

More than 32,000 applications have arrived for new jobs in Schufenhausen. For the sporty brand to guarantee high quality workmanship, after serial production of the Taycan electric power plant begins in September, about 1,500 workers will be trained for up to six months. Part of the workforce comes from the existing Porsche network, some are new workers.

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According to the Porsche Taycan production concept, workers are required in a total of 45 different qualification areas.
Porsche has done 2,200 interviews in 31 days. Professional workers with technical education and keen interest in the automotive industry are sought. Not all new employees will be involved in Taycan production, but some will be redirected to other models.

The electric drive creates the need for new profiles of workers. In addition, due to the complexity of the processes, some of the trainings will last up to six months. A total of 350 qualification programs have been developed.

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